Why the Concept2 Model D is the best rowing machine for home

best rowing machine for home use

Getting a good rowing machine you can use to exercise at home can be annoying if you don’t know anything about rowers.

There are so many models available, it’s very easy to get confused, give up everything and just go to a gym.

If you ask someone who’s been rowing for a while they’ll tell you that without a doubt the best rowing machine for beginners as well as pros is the Concept2 Model D rower.

The thing is, this rowing machine is used by the top athletes to train on. Despite this it’s also very beginner friendly.

First of all if you’re thinking of getting it, go for the Concept2 Model D with the pm5 display, it’s the newest model.

The Model D is an air resistance rower, meaning the rowing resistance comes from the flywheel. This is good because it provides a very smooth motion, which feels very close to the in-water rowing motion.

The bad part is that air resistance rowers tend to get a bit noisy once you start to go faster, but the Concept2 is actually pretty silent, you can still here the TV over the noise it makes.

Price related, the Concept2 Model D is somewhat expensive, but it’s totally worth every penny.

The machine is built to last a lifetime. The frame is very strong.

If maybe it’s too much for you, a great cheaper alternative is the Lifecore R100 rowing machine. It’s got a hybrid resistance unit combining air resistance with magnetic resistance.

If you ask anyone what’s the best rowing machine for home, they’re probably tell either the Concept2 or the Lifecore R100.

Ofcourse you don’t have to get a new rowing machine. You can find used ones in great shapes. In fact instead of getting a new cheap rower, you could get a used Concept2 for a great price and it would be a way better deal.

You probably heard this before, rowing machines provide you with a challeging workout and they don’t give you any joint pains. This is because you’re in a sitting position. The rowing motion activates all your arm, leg, back and core muscles.

If you don’t like rowing, another option would be to get an elliptical trainer. The best elliptical for home use is probably the Schwinn 430.

The best cardio machines for home are the ones you feel most comfortable to use for you.

Anyway, I hope this article helped you a bit in deciding what type of equipment you should get to workout at home.